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Grant Writting

Non-profit grant writing is time-consuming! We can help you write your grant application if you don’t have enough employees to task your in-house staff with the job of grant writing.

Image by Corinne Kutz

We will work with your staff and your members to identify possible funding sources, identify and review the grant’s specific requirements and gauge if your organizations qualifies, ensure that your organization has systems and operations in place to optimize all fundraising efforts, obtain multiple perspectives from you and key members within your organization to build the case for the application, and ensure the correct documents are submitted by the deadline. We can also work with you to operationalize your grant if you are successful.

Grants will allow your organization to do the types of projects that cannot be covered  by membership or donor dues along. Projects that can take your organization's value proposition to the next level.

We have successfully secured provincial and federal government grant funding that have had significant impact to the grant recipient's sector and/or members.

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