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Association Management

Image by Cathryn Lavery

We offer full service or partial managed services

to meet your specific needs. 


We can provide your headquarter infrastructure, Your association will have its own phone number that is answered during business hours, as well as an email address, fax number and physical mailing address.and a central point of contact.  

Chief Executive

We handle your organization’s operations so that the Board is able to focus on meeting the big-picture goals and its members’ needs. Understanding that volunteer engagement is necessary to meet these goals, we also work to secure qualified, passionate volunteers and help them to make the most of time and efforts. A shared or full-time executive allows volunteers to focus on the organization's mission.

Membership Recruitment, Retention and Management

We will work with you on your most significant work, including engaging and growing membership, navigating through economic and business cycles, and managing member renewals and questions. We can also manage your membership software.


Financial and Non Profit Accounting

The foundation of any organization’s success is its financial strength and integrity.  We ensure security, transparency and compliance throughout our work, and provide a comprehensive set of financial and accounting services including monthly financial statement processing and reporting, financial review and discussion analysis, cash management, multi-currency transactions and tax compliance and submission. 

Board and Committee Support

When the meeting is well-organized, and the information needed is at hand, your Board and Committees can make good decisions to advance the work of the organization.  We help by:

  • providing a virtual boardroom to ensure materials are readily available to all participants and reduce the meeting’s ecological footprint

  • organizing meeting logistics 

  • obtaining favourable rates from teleconference providers, hotels and other venues 

  • assisting with the identification and preparation of meeting reports

  • providing relevant reports for all meetings on actions taken by your team

  • recording, preparing and circulating meeting minutes or notes in a timely fashion once approved

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